Stand out in the in-crowd.
This is your time to shine – collab with L.E/Miami to raise your company's profile and strengthen your brand’s association with contemporary travel.
Stand out in the in-crowd

From pop-up music festivals and relaxation stations to branded tote bags, swag, and everything in between, we challenge you to be as creative as you can – essential, if you want to catch the eye of contemporary travel’s A-list at L.E/Miami.

Each one of our partnership opportunities is tailor-made to ensure it best achieves your brand objectives and resonates with our unique community of high-end travel tastemakers. Plus, we’ve got a genius in-house creative team who’re ready and willing to brainstorm original ideas to bring your vision to life.


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This is where you can get really creative and bring your brand to life on the L.E/Miami showfloor – the more out-of-the-box, the better. Previous partners have created live art installations, oxygen bars and meditation stations – the sky’s the limit!


Open House by L.E/Miami is a brand new addition to the lineup: a full-day festival complete with killer thought leadership, playful and immersive installations and on-tap F&B. Spotlight your offering with a poolside pop-up shop, immersive experience or hands-on workshop to capture our audience’s attention as they rock up to reconnect in the South Beach sun.


From carryall tote bags to notebooks and pens to reusable water bottles, peeking inside their swag bag to see what’s new is a yearly highlight for the L.E/ collective. All can be co-branded and are guaranteed to be in constant use throughout the show. Surprise, delight, excite!


Containing our showfloor plan and exhibitor listings, The List is our event directory, essential reading for our 1,700 delegates – including 600 international buyers – throughout L.E/Miami. Strut your stuff on The List‘s back cover or interior pages for big-time brand exposure and hyperlink your advertisement to increase web traffic or amp up your social media following.

you'll reach

Our crowd of 1,700 senior-level industry professionals, including high-end buyers, cutting-edge exhibitors and world-renowned media.


And they’re all there to uncover the most inventive, forward-thinking brands in contemporary travel, so this is your chance to show them why you’re part of the collective. Let’s throw the limelight your way!


*Please note: these figures are based on delegate representation at L.E/Miami 2023.

  • 1700 members of the L.E/Miami collective
  • 590 design & lifestyle-led hotel & travel brands
  • 600 high-end travel designers, entertainment & creative corporate travel managers
  • 45 international travel & lifestyle media

Previous Collabs

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The first nature immersive wellbeing island retreat in the Maldives returned to the L.E/ showfloor for a second year, whisking delegates to a lush green oasis in the middle of Miami. In 2023 they brought renowned artist Moral Turgeman on board, who drew unforgettable ‘blind portraits’ of delegates after glancing at them for just 30 seconds.


There’s nothing the L.E/ collective loves more than a photo opportunity: and Europe’s largest department store gave them their own main character moment with a dazzling rainbow-themed installation. Taking away a bespoke portrait – by a pro-photographer – delegates returned time and again to take snaps with pals old and new. 

1 Hotels

A multisensory VR experience, TREE allowed the L.E/Miami audience to feel deforestation first-hand by transforming you into a majestic rainforest tree. Delegates experienced a tree’s life from a seedling to its fullest form and witness its fate firsthand. This biologically accurate rainforest environment used multi-sensory elements (including wind, scents, rumbling) to give delegates the feeling of being there. Arms were branches; bodies were trunks – it was a true feast for the senses with all the sounds, scents and touches of the rainforest!



Phone booth activism is what The Standard is famed for: their iconic ‘Ring Your Rep’ booths, with a direct line to the US Capitol, are legendary in hospitality. So it was only right to replicate it on the L.E/ showfloor, with a lighter but no less impactful installation where delegates ‘called to confess’ their most salacious travel industry stories.

andaz by hyatt

Creativity is second nature to the L.E/Miami crowd. So Andaz’s arty activation – where delegates could customise their branded tote swag bag with fabric pens and paints – was a mindful break from a pacy schedule of meetings and appointments.

Don’t just show up. Show off.