iCal at the ready, boo: these are the important dates to know to make your L.E/Miami stress-free and smooth sailin’.


MONDAY 15 L.E/Marketplace: Appointment preferences open


SUNDAY 5 L.E/Marketplace: Appointment preferences close
MONDAY 20 All: Your online diary becomes available


SUNDAY 9 - MONDAY 10 Arrive in Miami
MONDAY 10 Open House by L.E/Miami Hosted by W Hotels and the Official L.E/Miami Opening Party at W South Beach
MONDAY 10 - THURSDAY 13 L.E/Master Pass
TUESDAY 11 L.E/PR Access
TUESDAY 11 - THURSDAY 13 L.E/Marketplace at Miami Beach Convention Center
THURSDAY 13 Official L.E/Miami Closing Party at 1 Hotel South Beach, in Partnership With Capital One Travel
FRIDAY 14 Depart from Miami