Toot-our-own-trumpet time: L.E/Miami’s appointment system is legendary in contemporary travel. Our algorithm delivers you a bespoke schedule of up to 45 20-minute appointments, designed to perfectly match your specifications. Here’s how it works.

Tell us who you want to meet

You can check the profiles of your fellow members and use a powerful search device to find companies that offer the best match for your business requirements. Next, select and rank 80 attendees you want to meet in order of preference via our secure website. You’ll be able to search for and select people by entering the relevant search criteria.


Let us match you up

During this phase, everything is done via our online database. Based on your meeting preferences, the system uses a complex algorithm to generate client matches in the following order:

  • Mutual request by buyers and suppliers
  • Suppliers’ preferences
  • Buyers’ preferences

Once the algorithm has worked its magic, we’ll notify you when it’s ready to view.


Fill in the gaps

You can supplement pre-scheduled meetings using your online diary. Just directly contact who you’ve got your eye on and agree to meet using the online system that checks time slot availability before confirming.


You’ll also have the option to organise a lunch date during the 13:00 lunch slot. Use the online appointment system to request meetings and book lunch via our Lunch Programme booking platform. Keep an eye out for more info closer to the show.